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Student services office

From left to right;

Jackie Knowles, 

Societies Coordinator

Sadhbh Smyth, 

Clubs Coordinator 


Ivan Carty, 

Accommodation Manager

Ann Marie Stone,

Student Services Coordinator

Magda Paduch,

Student Services Coordinator

Correina O Brien, 

Head of Student Services

The Student Services Office delivers a range of non-academic supports and services.

This A to Z includes everything from accommodation to zumba classes and services such as clubs, societies, student events, merchandising, financial assistance, access, immigration support, orientation, visa, meet and greet service, the college gym, and much more.

The door is always open, so get to know this important office from day one. If the team can’t solve the problem directly, they are sure to know someone who can.

RCSI sports centre team

Our team of highly experienced Personal Trainers can assist you in achieving any of your health and fitness related goals. 

RCSI Gym team offer free health consultations, nutrition advice and ongoing personalised gym programmes.

Top row (L-R);

Dave Harris, Sports Centre Manager

Alice Murphy, Sports Centre Specialist

John Kelly, Sports Centre Specialist

Karolina Litwin, Sports Centre Specialist 

Bottom row (L-R);

David Murphy, Sports Centre Specialist

Neil Condon, Sports Centre Specialist


The Centre for Mastery: Personal, Professional & Academic Success (CoMPPAS) is RCSI's hub for student advancement and growth.

Through personalised support and development opportunities, our multidisciplinary team seek to support you in achieving academic and personal success while a student at RCSI. 

Our services include;


  • Academic Development

  • Learning Access & Facilitation

  • Career Readiness

  • Student Welfare

  • Communication and Language

From left to right;

Helen Kelly

Communications and Language

Dr Ebun Joseph

Career Readiness

Fionnuala Rahilly

Career Readiness

Ciara Tallon

Career Readiness

Paul Igbrude

Career Readiness

Sinead O Kelly

Student Welfare and Wellbeing

Aoife Gilligan Quinn

Student Welfare and Wellbeing

Jacinta Burke

Academic Development Learning Access and Facilitation

Margie Morgan

Academic Development Learning Access and Facilitation

Jessica Doherty

Academic Development Learning Access and Facilitation

#Why RCSI? 
"RCSI's close-knit community is very welcoming and perfect for anyone studying Healthcare as everyone is focused on the same goal and helps each other."
Joseph Saleh, 2020 Pharmacy Graduate, Dublin, Ireland

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