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Introducing our Student Ambassadors who represent more than 14 countries around the world and are currently studying either Medicine, GEM, Pharmacy or Physiotherapy at RCSI.


We have 66 Student Ambassadors in total who represent the university at key on and off-campus events and provide course advice to potential students throughout the year!


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Check out some videos from our Student Ambassador Tara Jamieson, who is a 2nd year Graduate Entry Medicine Student from Ontario in Canada.


She regularly updates her YouTube channel with tips and tricks for Medical Students and gives a fantastic insight into life as a Medical Student in Ireland. 

Here Tara sits down with fellow RCSI student and future doctor Taylor Cunningham.

They talk about the highs and lows of med school, the match, what it is like to be an IMG, and answer some questions!

IMG Tales is part of a series where Tara talks about some of the aspects of being a medical student, especially one that is studying abroad. 

The USMLE is a massive undertaking for any medical student, but especially for IMGs! This test takes over a year of preparation and can determine the rest of your career, making it extremely stressful for students. The USMLE board just released a statement that starting in 2022 that the test will be changed to Pass/Fail only vs. the current numeric score.


Tara talks about a number of resources to assist with preparation for this important exam, including; UWorld, First Aid for the USMLE 2019, Pathoma, Sketchy (Micro and Pharm), Boards and Beyond, USMLE Rx, Amboss, and Cram Fighter.

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