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As part of our mission to develop well-rounded and clinically distinguished healthcare professionals, we encourage our students to participate in academic opportunities and extracurricular activities.

These activities will not only help to enhance your skillset, but will also give your professional career the best possible start.

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At RCSI the variety of learning opportunities are endless, from participating in a research programme to spending a semester in Paris.

Clinical Electives & Research Electives

Electives are short-term work placements in which you gather experience in either research or clinical environments. Research electives may encompass basic research, translational research or audits but do not involve patient care.

In contrast, clinical electives involve direct patient clinical care.

Erasmus opportunities & RCSI Dublin-Bahrain student exchange

Participating in an Erasmus or student exchange programme with another University offers the perfect opportunity to enhance your international experience and become acquainted with student life in another country.

RCSI currently has a number of Erasmus partnerships in place, allowing students to participate in a two-month research programme in another Erasmus country (which includes the 28 EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey).

The RCSI Dublin-Bahrain Student Exchange offers RCSI Dublin students the opportunity to study at the RCSI Bahrain campus for one semester.

Funding opportunities and studentships

Many organisations provide funding schemes and studentships to enable promising, eligible Undergraduate students to work in an institutional research laboratory during summer vacations.

International Citizenship programme

This programme involves students working together on volunteering and citizenship activities. Students are encouraged to reflect on and develop the skills, values and attitudes that they will need to work effectively in a culturally diverse healthcare environment.


Participants are engaged across a number of different RCSI initiatives such as Peer Led Tutoring and the Student Medical Journal, while also supporting the work of charitable organisations such as UNICEF, the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, the St Vincent de Paul and the Peter McVerry Trust.


Following completion of a portfolio, documenting their extracurricular journey at RCSI, those who successfully demonstrate an “International Outlook” receive an RCSI International Citizenship Award.

Research Summer School

The RCSI Research Summer School (RSS) provides Undergraduate students with the opportunity to become involved in research projects during the summer months.

Students selected for the programme spend approximately eight weeks (Between June-September) in a laboratory or clinical setting, working on a research project under the supervision of an RCSI Principal Investigator (PI). During this time students are also encouraged to participate in laboratory meetings, data analysis, journal clubs and a Friday discovery series of lectures.

North American Residency preparation

If you are interested in post-graduation clinical practice in North America, RCSI is here to support you.

It is our priority that all medical students maximise their potential throughout their training at RCSI in order to successfully enter a residency or internship programme of their choice.

RCSI has developed distinct programmes that support you, as an Undergraduate Medicine or Graduate Entry Medicine student, to prepare and apply for a residency or internship.

Student Medical Journal

The RCSI Student Medical Journal (RCSIsmj) aims to provide a forum for RCSI student contributions to the field of healthcare, in any discipline.

The journal publishes student research ranging from basic laboratory science and clinical work to humanities analyses of Medicine in society.

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

For over 10 years RCSI students have been making a difference by working as volunteers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

Students from the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy (over the age of 21) can apply for RCSI sponsorship to participate in this exciting volunteering opportunity. For successful applicants, the programme itself runs over eight weeks in the summer and as part of their commitment to the project they are expected to run a fundraiser in advance of their departure for the Social and Medical Centre in Ho Chi Minh City.

RCSI Reach programme

The REACH Programme is a unique community outreach and access programme that promotes recreation, education and community health.

Students are encouraged to participate in various initiatives throughout the year – including Junior and Leaving Certificate Grinds Club, science workshops and health programmes – in an effort to enhance the life chances for those traditionally underrepresented at third-level, particularly those from Dublin's south inner city.

#Why RCSI? 
"RCSI has a supportive environment, with many opportunities outside of the academic programme. It enables me to lead a balanced life, and experience many new things!"
Harleen Jhinger, Third Year Medicine Student Ambassador, Vancouver, Canada

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