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The Centre for Mastery: Personal, Professional and Academic Success (CoMPPAS) is RCSI’s hub for student advancement and growth. The multidisciplinary team at CoMPPAS work closely together to support students to achieve academic and personal success during their time at RCSI.

Supports available to students through the CoMPPAS Office include:

  • Academic Support

- One-to-one academic support and tutoring

- Exam strategies

- Peer-to-peer tutoring

  • Career Development

- One-to-one career consultation and coaching

- Practice interviews

- Career workshops

​​The CoMPPAS office is located on the Main Campus at 123 St Stephens Green.

  • Communications and Language Skills

- Academic communication

- Clinical communication

- Intercultural communication

  • Student Welfare (scroll down for more information on supports available)

  • Access and Disability Support

Student welfare supports

The CoMPPAS Student Welfare team provide confidential one-to-one support and advice for students at RCSI. The service is Social Worker led and is here to help students to reach their full potential and overcome any challenges that they may meet in their time at RCSI. There are three Student Welfare officers in full time employment with RCSI. We have offices in RCSI St Stephens Green and Beaumont Hospital, and can also facilitate appointments remotely. 

We Aim to: 

  • Provide a compassionate, inclusive and student centered service 

  • Promote positive mental health among the RCSI student body

  •  Implement personalised support plans collaboratively with students based on individual needs   

  • Promote the rights of the students and advocate on their behalf

We provide individual consultations with students, run workshops and student events and also help students to access support from other helpful services, like counselling. 

We can help with

  • Strategies for positive mental health 

  • Self Care

  • Academic related issues 

  • Feeling overwhelmed  or anxious 

  • Bereavement 

  • Financial difficulties 

  • Making a plan to overcome any difficulties you may be facing

RCSI counselling services

RCSI offers a professional independent confidential counselling service, available to all RCSI students, which is located off campus. Our counselling service  has extensive experience over many years in providing counselling support to RCSI students. On behalf of RCSI, they manage a diverse panel of over 20 professionally registered counsellors with a broad range of expertise located across the city. As part of the counselling process, a student will firstly meet with a Clinical Psychologist who will carry out an initial assessment of their support needs. This is a collaborative process and will take into consideration a student's needs and goals. The student will then be matched with, and referred to, one of our specialist counsellors depending on what best suits their needs. 

CoMPPAS student assistance programme

The CoMPPAS Student Assistance Programme (CSAP) is a confidential and independent counselling and specialist information service, which can be accessed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and can be accessed anywhere in the world. 

This service provides both phone based support, information and access to up to six face to face counselling sessions. This service also provides access to information specialists, who can assist with matters such as Property and Renting, Legal Situations and Managing Personal Finances. 


The service also offers an online portal with helpful information about wellbeing, coaching services and is available to family members of our students who are aged 16 and older, and are ordinarily resident in Ireland. 

Free GP care at Mercer’s Medical Centre

All undergraduate students of RCSI (including Graduate Entry students) are entitled to free consultations at Mercer's Medical Centre provided they hold a valid current student ID and student number. For more information including opening hours visit the Mercer’s Medical Centre website.


NiteLine is a telephone support service run by and for students from a number of third-level institutions in Ireland. The service provides support, listening and information each night from 9pm-2.30am during term time. Student volunteers go through a rigorous screening and training programme based on the Samaritans model and calls are completely confidential and anonymous.

Welfare bear on Instagram

The COMPPAS team also have an Instagram account which you can reach out to:


This account is an important source of information on the welfare services RCSI provides, and your go-to guide to Positive Mental Health on campus.

They regularly share positive quotes and helpful tips for students who are struggling.

Students Union

The RCSI Students Union (SU) is an annually elected body, consisting of eight officers. The SU acts as the bridge between faculty/administration and the student body. The SU is invited to most meetings and ensures that student voices are heard on a variety of topics. They work closely with the Student Council, which consists of representatives from all classes at RCSI.

One of the primary duties of the SU is to represent students academically. The SU will listen to any problems or concerns that individuals or groups may have. This includes exam worries, exam results, use of computers and curriculum changes to name but a few.

In conjunction with the Student Services Office and the Sports Union, the SU also help to organise a variety of social events at RCSI. These include: Freshers' Week (your first week of College), RAG (Raise and Give) week, International Night and the SU College Ball.

The SU also have a dedicated Welfare Officer who is always there to listen to any non-academic concerns you may have. They will point you in the right direction and ensure that you get the help that you are looking for. 

You can reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram using the links below!

Student Services 

The Student Services Office delivers a range of non-academic supports and services. This A to Z includes everything from accommodation to zumba classes and services such as clubs, societies, student events, merchandising, financial assistance, access, immigration support, orientation and much more.

The door is always open, so get to know this important office from day one.

#Why RCSI? 
"RCSI has just under 4,000 undergraduate students, all focused on the health sciences. Staff and students get to know each other quite quickly and the university itself offers a huge amount of support."

Evelyn Flynn, Fourth Year Mature Entry Medicine Student Ambassador, Dublin, Ireland

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